v2.0.0.0 Beta6

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v2.0.0.0 Beta6

Post by KrayzzieEvolution on Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:50 pm

New features:
-Added a help button beside Google API box for those who don't know what to do
-Added specific delay for item recycling
-Not allowing users to save until they complete entering their basic information (username, password, api key)

Bug fixes:
-Fix a bug that when using humanize pathfinding, some pokestops will be unreachable for the bot, causing error
-Fix item recycling not working in item manager
-Fix a bug that causes device info to reset when bot launches
-Fix a bug that generates incorrect device id when generating new devices
-Fix a bug that causes Virtual Machine users to crash

-Increase default action delay to 2000ms
-Enable humanize throwing as default

This will be the last beta build for v2.0 if no major bug was found in the next day. Enjoy Wink

Please consider using the link below to download RocketBot to support me, it will redirect you to the download after a 5-second ad Wink

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